NFL Player's Wife Arranges Killer Flash Mob for His Birthday (VIDEO)

flash mobIf I was married to a super rich, former NFL player, I imagine it'd be hard to find the perfect birthday present for him. Particularly if said former NFL player won a Super Bowl, 2 MVP awards, and was the first left-handed quarterback to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. Ever. What I'm trying to say is, it must be exhausting to be Steve Young's wife.

Barbara Young begs to differ. Instead of splurging on some totally expected weekend away or a fancy-pants watch, the football great's better half got creative and arranged a flash mob for her hubby's 50th birthday. And, dudes, it did not disappoint.


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Barbara's the one in the white hat -- not only is she adorable and is this idea adorable, she's got some moves. I think I fell in love with her a little bit while watching this. And, may I add, that's one gigantic flash mob!

Word on the street is, Steve was totally shocked -- actually, almost brought to tears. The surprise came after his 50th birthday dinner at the Standford Mall in Palo Alto, California. His kids and his brother were in it, as well. 

I've gotta hand it to ol' Babs, this was a pretty great idea, one Steve surely won't forget, and one I may steal at some point in my life (probably not). The only problem now is: What's she going to do for his 51st? Godspeed, sweet woman.

How cute is Barbara Young? How great is this idea?

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