Even Brooklyn Decker Can't Calm Andy Roddick Down (VIDEO)

andy roddickIf you didn't know the details of Andy Roddick's life, and you just met him in passing, you'd probably think he's someone who's had it rough. You'd see his constant outbursts and abrupt storm-offs and think, "Man, that dude's clearly been through some shit." Or maybe you'd look at him and think he was a bratty privileged kid. In which case you'd be right.

The dude does not stop complaining. And bitching. And moaning. And it's not funny to witness anymore, it's annoying. Because, dude, he's Andy Roddick. Wait 'til you hear his latest stunt.


Yesterday, after losing in the first round of the China Open to South African player Kevin Anderson, Roddick was at a press conference when a reporter asked him a question he didn't like. Albeit, it was sort of a rude question. Andy was asked if he was considering retiring. Andy did not like this. So Andy did what Andy always does. He snapped, "I think you should retire!" at the reporter and peaced the eff out. (Really, he may as well have just said, "I think your face should retire.")

It's, like, Andy, calm down, dude. Why are you always flying off the handle? A few weeks ago you were freaking out about water on the court at the US Open. Now this? Chill out. You are married to Brooklyn Decker! How bad could things be? Or maybe this is because of Brooklyn Decker? What's she like at home? Come on, it's just you and me, I won't tell.

Ah, whatever. There's really no point with Andy, is there? It's like talking to a wall. A firewall. And at least he's making tennis sort of interesting.

Check out the video:

Do you think Andy Roddick needs to chill out ?

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