Latest Silly 'Dating Website' Only Hurts People Looking for Love

boyfriend girlfriendIt doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that technology has virtually killed people's love lives. And personalities. No more are the days when one goes out to a bar, has a few drinks, and wakes up 10 years later with a balding husband and a couple of kids, thinking, "What have I done?" And no more are the days of people having actual things to say. Social media and dating sites have turned the masses into non-laughing-out-loud awkward drones who are ready to look like they're having fun at a moment's notice if a camera is whipped out with the promise of a Facebook upload. It sucks.

But it's great for certain tech companies. Dudes (and I say dudes, 'cause it's mostly dudes) who've started niche-specific dating sites, or dating apps, or, I don't know, services that will make up a girlfriend for people are loving this day and age. They're capitalizing on people's newfound lameness. So much so that one company's slogan is actually, "Because you don't want to look lame."


The company I speak of is called, appropriately, And their name pretty much explains it all. All customers have to do is sign up for the (free) service; save the Fake Girlfriend phone number into their phone under a fictitious name (I like "Ivana"); then when out with friends or a girl they're trying to make jealous, text the number, and voila: a barrage of texts and possibly a pre-recorded message come their way. Nope, nothing lame to see here. The service's founder, Ricky Robinett, recently told the Huffington Post: "Right now the service is free. I'm looking into expanding some options that monetize the service, but nothing is in place for that yet." Of course you are.

Fake Girlfriend is by no means the first site/service/whatever created to "help people with their dating lives." To name a few others, there are Cloud Girlfriend and the just-launched ExRated, which is a Yelp-type site -- one that reviews prospective mates, not restaurants.

This is all fine and dandy, but what I'm actually seeing here aren't sites and apps that are helping people find love. I'm seeing spineless a-holes looking to make money off their loneliness, and services that aren't actually helping anyone get dates, but hindering them. All these are doing is telling people, in a subtle way, "There's no hope for you in the real world, you must go this way." It's sad and kind of infuriating.

With the exception of a legitimate service like, I'd love to see stats for things like Cloud Girlfriend and Fake Girlfriend. I'd love to see if they're really making a difference in people's dating lives. My money's on no. If anything, I think it's probably doing the opposite. Because they're telling people they're lame!

What do you think of all these "dating" sites, etc.?


Image via S. Parker/Flickr

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