Facebook Can't Ban Our 'Dislike' Forever

dislike button facebookForget the fact that most of us are either up in arms or simply don't know what to make of the upcoming incarnation of Facebook, involving tons of apps from various corporate sponsor-types and the Timeline makeover of our profiles. There's something else that's really annoying a lot of Facebook users: The absence of a "dislike" button. I know -- this is SERIOUS stuff, people!

This has been a longstanding issue, one that's been around ever since the dawn of the "Like" button and its invasion of everything on the web. But now that Facebook is allowing the addition of "more verbs" to describe the relationship between persons, places, and things on the social network, some people are all riled up that they can't "dislike" any of those things. In fact, Facebook has actually gone to the extent to BAN "dislike" on the site!


That's right, open graph app developers who try to make it so their users can "dislike" something get this error message: "This name uses one or more blocked words." Hahahahaha, what the heck -- is the social network an online version of a kindergarten classroom?!

Honestly, it seems like the only reason they wouldn't let us "dislike" movies, TV shows, status updates, etc. is because their big corporate buddies (Nike, Netflix) don't like the idea that people might be able to respond to their products on Facebook with a big giant "thumbs down." It's much better that people just ignore them -- or let's be honest, fake-"like" them so they can write ridiculous, nasty comments. 

Otherwise, I don't know, it doesn't make much sense why we can't have an actual Facebook "dislike" button, right? (Unofficially, you can install a browser extension, but then your dislikes are only visible to those who have also installed it. So, in other words, it's not legit.)

I'm personally not all that attached to the idea of a "dislike" button, since it is kinda negative, and if you dislike something, then you can just ignore it, remove it from your feed or wall, etc. But then again, come on -- if they're going to let developers use verbs like "hate," "loathe," "reject," then "dislike" seems preeeeetty tame by comparison, no? Plus, there's obviously a demand for it! So maybe ... let's open the flood gates -- bring on the discontent! After all, I highly doubt "dislike" -- at least, in button form -- will be what ultimately ends up killing Facebook.

How do you feel about being able to "dislike" something on Facebook?


Image via Sean MacEntee/Flickr

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