Only David Beckham Makes Bad Sportsmanship Look This Good

David Beckham sonsDavid Beckham has done the impossible. The LA Galaxy striker has made throwing a hissy on the soccer field look adorable. Beckham got in Real Salt Lake Coach Jason Kreis' face over the weekend, arguing with the opposition's head on the heels of a Galaxy win. But it's hard to fault the guy when you consider what got him riled. Bad sportsmanship FTW here folks?


See, it sounds bad to think of old Goldenballs pulling out the potty mouth and pointing a finger right in Kreis' face. But consider this: three of Beckham's four kids were in the stands. Romeo, Cruz, and Brooklyn Beckham were acting as Galaxy mascots for the day, sporting their dad's number 23 and taking in the match. Awwww, Papa Bear doesn't take any guff when the youngin's are in town!

It's almost ... cute?

I mean, it's totally wrong to be a bad sport. But cute anyway?

Maybe it's just because I know the feeling that I have some sympathy for the father of four. It's easy to shrug things off when you're moving along as an average adult. It's another thing when your kids are watching, and you want them to be proud of you. It's harder to stomach any slight, no matter how minor.

So I'm willing to let slide Beckham's decision to march up to Kreis and let him have it over the Real coach's hassling of the refs. He got cranky, but not physical. And when you consider Kreis saying, "I just told him that I didn’t want to talk to him. I don't want to talk to players -- that's disrespectful frankly," I get it. Who wants to be ignored? Especially with your kids watching?

The fact that Beckham is traditionally a gentlemen on the pitch goes a long way in the sympathy camp here too. He's not the kind of guy who pounds his fists and kicks his boots every time he doesn't get his way during a game. He's excused a little image saving in front of the kiddos ... just this once.

Do you feel like you're more apt to take things too far when the kids are around or is it the opposite? Was David Beckham just being a normal dad?


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