Waste Time at Work Watching Adorable Baby Bears on YouTube (VIDEO)

baby cubs wrestlingI want you to ask yourself a question: When was the last time you went an entire work -- or non-work -- day without carving some time out to screw around on the Internet? Answer: Most likely some time in the early '90s. Pretty crazy. Well, I'm here to further your unproductivity with some adorable, delightful entertainment that only YouTube could provide.

After the jump you'll find a video of two itty bitty puppy-sized cubs wrestling with each other in the middle of the street at Yosemite. It's exactly the kind of Internet break you need today. I'm serious. You need to watch this for your country.


Right? How disgustingly cute are these two little guys? (And how disgustingly cavalier is the person videoing the whole episode, what with a gigantic mama bear a stone's throw away?)

The funny thing is, this video was actually posted to YouTube in July, but it's just going viral now. (At the time of writing this, it has almost a million hits.) How did that happen? It has all the makings of a successful viral video -- adorable baby animals, possible impending doom. Guess the right site or person needed to find it in order to make it the smash hit it is today.

Whatever. Who cares, right? We've found it now. And I'm sure there was something we were all watching on YouTube in July that was taking away from just as much work. Everybody wins. Except our bosses.

How cute is this? How many "Internet breaks" do you take at work?


Image via YouTube

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