New Website Turns You Into an Instant Reality Star ... Maybe (VIDEO)

Post a self portrait to Instagram, record a vlog for your website, tag a photo of yourself on Facebook, upload your singing debut to YouTube, share your every waking thought on Twitter ... these days it seems like everyone's living in their own private Truman Show. The difference, of course, is that in the movie, the man who was being broadcast 24/7 had no idea he was being watched by billions, and in today's world, most people secretly (or not so secretly) hope they're being watched.

Enter Youtoo, where social networking meets reality TV. For anyone who isn't quite satisfied with the idea of friends and followers, Youtoo gives you a shot at broadcasting yourself to MILLIONS of television viewers, 15 seconds at a time.

It seems Andy Warhol may have been slightly off in his prediction about the future of fame. By about, oh, 14 minutes and 45 seconds.


The general idea of Youtoo is you can use a smartphone or computer to create 15-second videos called "Fame Spots," upload them via the network's app or website, and see yourself on TV ... sometimes within minutes. The channel that will play the videos is the formerly obscure AmericanLife TV Network (now titled Youtoo TV), which claims to have 15 million subscribers and counting.

Between shows, Youtoo TV will be airing hosted programming breaks that will ask viewers to submit video responses to specific questions. Interestingly, these breaks are produced by reality show guru Mark Burnett. As viewers upload videos, a filtering system deletes nudity, language, or other "objectionable material" (darn!), and converts them to broadcast quality. Producers will view, select, and air videos as soon as three minutes later.

While the network is currently running reruns of X-Files, Batman, and Green Hornet, they have some interesting things in mind for incorporating the Youtoo videos -- like the original show Say Yes & Marry Me, which offers viewers the opportunity to propose on air.

Here's Burnett himself plugging the Youtoo concept and letting you know what it's all about:

I'm not sure if Youtoo will be the exact brand that will take off, but I'm convinced this is the beginning of a new era in television. One that takes reality TV a step further by combining user-created content with network content and makes television a more interactive, real-time experience. We're going to see more and more stuff like this, if for no other reason that it makes TV extremely cheap to produce. (Notice that Youtoo doesn't exactly compensate you for your thrilling 15 seconds of fame.)

It makes me wonder, though, if the more our lives come to resemble The Truman Show, the less real we become to our own selves. As it is, we're so busy watching everyone else and attempting to document every moment for the purpose of "connecting" with other people, we sometimes forget to just be in the moment. Without tweeting it, photographing it, or geotagging it, it's almost like it didn't happen. Will it be exciting to see ourselves on television -- or is it just one more step toward an existence that values views above all else?

What do you think about Youtoo? Would you upload a video of your own to try and get on TV?


Image via Youtoo

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