Poor NFL Fan Gets Kicked Out for Something We’re All Guilty Of

browns fansSay you're at a sporting event that you really care about, and the person right in front of you won't sit down. They've been standing the entire time. You're feeling pissed, because you can't see, and you're feeling guilty for feeling pissed because they're just supporting the team, you know? You start asking yourself, Why don't I have that kind of energy and passion? Am I really just here for the food and beer like I've been accused of? Can I really call myself a fan?

It's a terrible spot to be in, I know. A total pickle. And we would've been faced with such a conundrum at the Cleveland Browns game on Sunday, when fan and season ticket holder Rob Stipe didn't sit the whole game. 'Til he was kicked out for standing, that is.


To yell at the standing fan or to not yell at the standing fan, that is the question. Security at the game warned Stipe that he would need to sit down or be kicked out, and they made good on that promise in the fourth quarter.

Stipe's been going to the games for 25 years and his seats are in what's known as the Dawg Pound -- a place for die-hard, rowdy fans to cheer on their beloved Browns. It's totally understandable that he'd want to be on his feet the entire game, screaming his face off, cheering for his team. On the other hand, it would suck to have paid for those expensive seats behind him and have to miss all the action.

I'm torn. The Browns, however, are not. They have a standing policy:

Excessive standing -- please be aware that when you stand, you block the view of the fans behind you. We do not wish to diminish your ability to cheer and enjoy the game; however, your continued standing can interfere with others' ability to enjoy the game from their seats.

And so, Stipe was escorted out. He's not too upset about it (nice guy!); he just wants some clarification on when he can and cannot stand. He's asked to speak to the team's president for an explanation. Fair enough.

What do you think about standing at sporting events? It's all good, they're just enthusiastic! Or it should be reeled in, it obstructs other fans from enjoying the game.


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