Idiot Dad Drops Kid While Trying to Catch Foul Ball (VIDEO)

man drops kidDoes anybody catch a foul ball like a normal person anymore? We have jerk guys wrestling with women for foul balls. We have too-cool-for-school dudes who can't as much as get off the phone while they catch foul balls. We have women who give foul balls to their toddlers -- who then throw foul balls back onto the field. And now we have idiot dads who drop -- and I mean drop -- their children in an attempt to catch a foul ball.

They're just balls, people. Settle down.


During a baseball game in Taiwan, a man dropped a child, who one can assume is his daughter, while trying to catch that coveted foul ball. The girl flipped forward into the row ahead. The man quickly tried to retrieve her as the woman sitting next to him stared daggers at him. The worst part? The guy didn't even catch the damn ball. Oh for two, buddy. When the child's mother returned to her seat, she looked none-too-pleased with her idiot husband.

Die-hard baseball fans, you really need to realize something: Foul balls, unless at, like, the World Series or something, really aren't worth it. If you're sitting like a normal person -- alone, not on the phone, without any kids nearby -- go for it. But if you're not, just let the dude behind you get it. Otherwise, you wind up looking like a douche bag on national television.

Check out the video:

Classy, huh?


Image via YouTube

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