Football Fans Accused of Leaving Child at Game Are Unfit Parents

anna earnest fugateAn Ohio couple, Anna and Earnest Fugate, might be among some of the most despicable football fans ever. They're pleading not guilty to misdemeanor endangering children charges after police say they were trying to leave the Cleveland Browns-Miami Dolphins game this past weekend without their 9-year-old foster son. Ugh, how awful.

Here's how it went down, according to police reports. The couple had brought their child to the city's muni-lot where they started arguing while "partying" before the game. Anna ended up smashing her husband's cellphone ... and then HER OWN?! Earnest decided to go on to the stadium by himself, leaving their son with Anna, even though she was "obviously intoxicated ... acting loopy, bumping into other people." Oh, geeeeze. Then, Anna left the child with two strangers who were heading into the game. Thankfully, the strangers brought the boy over to a security guard at the stadium.


The security guards then searched for the Fugates by their car and their seats, but they couldn't track them down ... UNTIL ... a bit later when a police lieutenant stopped the Fugates' vehicle as they were trying to leave the muni-lot together, without their foster son.

The officer reported:

When asked why they were leaving without their child, they shrugged. When asked why they did not report the child missing, they laughed.

What a vile excuse for "parents." This is just reprehensible. My heart aches for this poor child for having to go through this. Being lost or, I guess in this case, abandoned in a football stadium can be terrifying. And geeze, what if those strangers Anna left him with weren't decent, upstanding Browns fans?! 

Ugh ... obviously there are all different types of "bad" fan behavior that goes on at football games, but this is sick. This isn't just some of the worst possible fan behavior anyone could think of ... it's gotta be among some of the worst HUMAN behavior!

Who knows if they'll be convicted, but if they are, the couple may face jail time. At least the little boy was picked up by a case worker and a supervisor shortly following the incident, and he won't be returning to the Fugates' home. NO child will be placed in their home from now on. Thank goodness!!

What do you think about what happened here? Should this couple go to jail?


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