Tablets Make Impulse Shopping Online Hard to Stop

ipadTo be frank, life would pretty much stink without my tablet. With an iPad as my weapon of choice, I use my pint-sized PC for almost everything, especially shopping. Which is why it doesn't surprise me that tablet users are more likely to splurge on big purchases than other online shoppers, according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal.

Sure, they say it's because tablet owners tend to be wealthier. HA, if only! You don't have to tell me twice that I'm NOT exactly living an upper-class lifestyle of luxury. There's one other big reason for increased tablet spending for me and many others I'm sure: convenience.


As I see it, tablets are in many places normal PCs or laptops are not. I have my iPad with me during my commute, I brought it with me on my recent vacation, and it's generally within arm's reach while I'm channel surfing on weeknights. In short, the devices are just that much more accessible than their clunkier counterparts. And go ahead and call me lazy, but the tablet is lighter than my laptops, much easier to turn on without opening, and holds a charge for eons longer.

Since my iPad is with me when I'm on the go, it's generally there when I remember that I need to find a gift off of the registry for my friend's wedding last weekend or an anniversary present in less than a week. AND there are loads of apps made exclusively for the iPad and other tabs specifically meant to give users huge savings. With everything from Gilt Groupe and Groupon to LivingSocial and Hotel Tonight, if buying things on the iPad or any other tablet can guarantee major savings, then why wouldn't people do it?

Sure, it's a little unnerving to be categorized in this group of "big spenders," but I don't think it's anything to get too worried about. And besides, there is good news for us heavy touch-screen purchasers. Retailers are looking to focus on tablets ahead of the holiday shopping season -- which means perhaps even more fun deals to look forward to. Even MORE deals at my fingertips? Tell me when and where, and I'm in!

Do you find yourself shopping on your tablet?


Image via mortsan/Flickr

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