New Rate-Your-Ex Site Will Ruin Your Date Before You Even Go

heartsIn no way is this meant to be bragging, but, man, am I glad I'm married. Dating in 2011 seems exhausting. And frustrating. And confusing! Long gone are the days of simply shaving your legs, pounding a couple glasses of CVS Chardonnay, and ending the night with a sloppy make-out session, followed by an even sloppier morning. Things are so much more contrived now, what with Facebook, Google, and enough dating websites to make your head implode. How does one choose?

Let's see, there's for those looking to "keep it in the family." There's for people who don't want to wither away and die alone. And now there's ExRated, which, to be totally forthcoming, isn't a dating site per se, but instead more of a "Yelp." For people. Like, you rate your exes, giving away personal details -- sexual and otherwise -- about them in order to "hook up" the next person.

Yeah, I think I'd rather wither away ...


The purpose of the site is so users can both vet prospective lovers and vent about old ones. Oh, and you can see what past partners have to say about your upcoming date by searching for his or her name on the site; and, hey, you may even find a rating (a rating!) by their name, along with some helpful tips.

ExRated founder Tom Padazana said, “You wouldn’t go to a restaurant that hasn’t been reviewed. Especially in the era of Internet dating, why would you go on a date with a person who hasn’t been reviewed?” He also added that the site’s motto is “forewarned is forearmed.”

So, I'm just going to come out and say it. Not only is this a terrible idea -- this site will only add further anxiety and paranoia to the already anxiety and paranoia-ridden world of dating -- it's basically been done already. Through Google.

Who, nowadays, in their right mind doesn't Google a prospective date or employer before meeting with them? It's sad, but it's just part of the protocol. If something is noteworthy, you'll find it. There doesn't need to be an entire site dedicated to bashing people (let's face it, that's what this really is). ExRated is basically baiting people into writing negative things about others. I can't imagine how many glowing reviews will be on this site? Because if the person is so great, why aren't you still with them, writer?

Do you think ExRated is a good idea?


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