Jets Lose to Raiders Because Mark Sanchez Ate a Hot Dog

hot dogSome people (cough, the Oakland Raiders, cough) don't know when to let s**t go (cough, Mark Sanchez eating a hot dog on the sidelines during a game, cough). It's been almost two years and they're still talking about it. It's like, guys, get over it already.

If you don't know the backstory, allow me. In 2009, during a particularly uneventful game -- the Jets were beating the Raiders 38-0 -- Mark Sanchez, the Jets quarterback, started feeling peckish. So he ordered himself up a hot dog and scarfed it down, all while trying to go unnoticed. Except he didn't go unnoticed. It was used against him by Raiders head coach Hue Jackson. That image of Mark stuffing his pie hole with all the fixins' was burned in Jackson's mind so deeply, so permanently, that he actually showed it to his team before Sunday's game.


According to Raiders defensive tackle Tommy Kelly, "Coach showed [the image] to us. It was just a reminder. We're going to remind him of that during the game."

Although Jackson didn't come right out and admit to showing the image to his players, he did make reference to making Sanchez pay for wienergate, saying, "I hope we can make it more interesting for him so he doesn't have to eat hot dogs. Hopefully we can take the mustard and the relish and the onions and all that and put it away and play a little football."

You guys, Jackson is, like, obsessed with Sanchez having a snack during the game. And, I mean, it was really rude -- Sanchez was basically saying, "No need to worry about waiting 30 minutes after eating this, 'cause this game is ovah, bitch." But, it's like, get over it, dude. If you want to use it for motivation, by all means, but something tells me this runs deeper than that. Something tells me Sanchez and a sixer of Oscar Mayer haunt you in your sleep. And that maybe, just maybe, you have a closet filled top to bottom with Mark Sanchez clippings and cut-outs of various hot dogs and maybe a few different kinds of buns A Beautiful Mind-style.

But I guess the joke's on us, though, 'cause it worked, huh? You guys won yesterday. Congrats. Now would you tear down that closet, ya psycho?

Do you think it was rude of Mark Sanchez to indulge in a meaty snack in the middle of a game?


Image via Ms. Tharpe/Flickr

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