Facebook Fixes Creepy 'Bug' Letting You See Who Defriended You

Raise your hand if you've ever defriended someone on Facebook. Okay, right: all of us. Now raise your hand if you're excited about the fact that one of Facebook's new features made your act publicly visible to your onetime friend, and threw that whole "what they don't know can't hurt them" thing out the virtual window.

Anyone? Bueller?

Thanks to Facebook's "Timeline" addition, not only could you see the story of your life as told by every app, music, picture, link, video, message, and fleeting thought you have ever shared on the site, but for a while there, you could also get a visual representation of which of your online relationships had come to an end. It's just like real life! Only instead of a friendship petering off in a natural manner, you could instantly see at a glance who was sick of your crap!


For a while, here's the easy way you could see who had defriended you:

Assuming you had Facebook Timeline, you'd start by selecting a year. On your "Friends" box, you could click on the link that says "Made X new friends" to get a list of friends made in that year. As you scrolled through the list, there was an "add friend" box next anyone who had dumped you from their friends list.

You shouldn't take this sort of thing personally, of course. There are lots of reasons someone might pare down their friends list, and you shouldn't assume it's because they're tired of your stupid photos or the dumb things you say. But let's be real, that is SO TOTALLY what anyone who's been defriended automatically thinks.

Thankfully, Facebook has sinced fixed this undesirable feature, and now if someone defriends you, you just don't see their name at all. Personally, I'm relieved — ignorance is bliss, that's MY motto.

As awkward as the bug was, I suppose it could have been worse. Given how much personal information is now on display on Facebook, I could easily see friend status change appearing as an actual milestone on my Timeline: "September 13, 2011: Amanda Huggenkiss defriended Linda. Reason given: Linda is a big fat douchebag."

Are you happy Facebook tweaked the "Timeline" feature so you can't automatically see who defriended you, or did you like it?

Image via emdot/Flickr

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