Al Gore iPhone 'Slip' Was Deliberate Leak by Apple

al goreOoooh, Al Gore, you're in troub-le. Much to rabid iPhone fans' dismay, the former vice president "accidentally" leaked a potential release date for not one, but two iPhones. I think. During a recent speech he gave in South Africa that had nothing to do with iPhones, Gore made mention of "the new iPhones coming out next month."

Now, Mr. Gore could have simply been talking about an upgraded version of the iPhone 4, which many people have long been suspecting, and his plural usage of "iPhones" meant, well, more than one iPhone 4 will be for sale. Or he could've meant that both an upgraded iPhone 4 and an iPhone 5 will soon be for sale.

Who knows? Not this gal. The only thing I know is that Gore's "slip" was no mistake.


I realize that the people at Apple -- Al Gore is a board member of the company -- are light years smarter than I ever will be. And that's okay. But what I refuse to accept is that somebody that smart, from a company so secretive, would have a slip-up like that. Bull shit. The whole thing is completely planned and calculated, just like everything else Apple does.

They're trying to drum up some excitement, that's all. Not that they need it. They want to get Apple enthusiasts near and far totally amped for the upcoming phone (phones?) launching next month. Maybe it has something to do with fear that since Steve Jobs left, there won't be as much of a frenzy? I don't know. I'm not as smart as them, remember?

So, I appreciate what you're trying to do here, Apple. And it's cute. But the jig is up. I think Gore's comment was totally on purpose. But you know what? Your little game worked. I am more excited about the potential release date now. You win again.

Do you think Gore's comment was a "slip-up"?


Image via simone.brunozzi/Flickr

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