David Beckham Is Lucky He Has His Looks to Fall Back On

David Beckham Victoria BeckhamI have to say I worry about David Beckham sometimes. Even the world's most famous soccer player will one day be forced to hang up his boots, and at the rate Posh keeps popping out kids, Harper Seven and her brothers will eat right through all that lovely cash. He's got to diversify!

Considering he proved last week that a job at Target is pretty much out of the question (telling someone to stick a box of your cologne in his pocket and walk out because no one's looking being frowned upon by loss prevention specialists and all), it's a relief to hear Becks has a back-up plan. Fortunately he has that other world class talent to fall back on! So what's the big plan chez Beckham?


He's shedding his knickers, er, knicker-modeling career to become an underwear designer! Pretty apropos for the athlete with more "sexiest man" titles than championships, am I right? The former Armani model has told the world that he loves to hang out in his bedroom wearing long johns, and so he's convinced H&M that he should be allowed to DESIGN them.

Ok, I jest about him running out of money, but on a serious note, this is something Beckham needs to do to remain current. His body is worth more for its sex appeal these days than as a soccer player, due to a mix of injuries and age. The 36-year-old is still sought after by football clubs, but its for the publicity his name carries more so than that famous ball bend.

And what happens when fans tire of showing up at games, drawn by Beckham, only to see him riding the pine? His past glory can only carry him so far before the thrill wears off.

But the scent of his colognes and the desire to emulate what the sexy Beckham wears in the bedroom won't. Like his wife, who has successfully transitioned from flash in the pan singer to the woman behind a clothing line sold in the likes of Bergdorf Goodman, this is the best shot he has at the spotlight for decades to come.

Will you buy Beckham-branded undies and more even after he's walked off the pitch permanently?


Image via friskytuna/Flickr

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