Justin Timberlake Should Jump Ship From Sinking MySpace

justin timberlakePoor Justin Timberlake. He was probably so excited when he and Specific Media bought the pretty-much-defunct social networking site MySpace for a cool $35 million. I bet he had big dreams, the youngster. He probably thought that with one fell swoop of his Mont Blanc, he'd be able to breathe new life into the dying (already dead?) mess. Well, guess what? Shit just got real, y'all.

See, the re-launch of MySpace was supposed to take place over the summer. Do you see a new MySpace, though? No, you do not. Because it didn't happen. The re-launch is now scheduled for next month. Because things are moving "slower than expected."

Slower than expected, guys. With MySpace. Timberlake, this ship is sinking faster than the Titanic and it's taking you with it, homeboy.


The way Specific Media spins it, they decided to hold off on MySpace's unveiling because plans for transforming the site into a hot spot for entertainment, music specifically, have been more "incremental" than anticipated. ("Incremental." Classic PR word.) The company is now planning on holding a coming-out party during Madison Avenue's "Advertising Week" conference in New York next month with an opening-night concert.

That's great and all -- and I really hope Justin decides to perform, 'cause I don't know what other big name act is going to want to be associated with the site -- but who cares? Save for the people in New York who actually attend Advertising Week. A concert isn't going to make a difference in the success of the site. MySpace is done, people. Facebook, as annoying as it can be sometimes, is where it's at. And after that it's Google+. And after that it's Friendster. Then comes MySpace.

JT, I admire your zeal for getting all business-y and your compassion for a sinking ship, but it's time to bow out, old chum. Before you look like a complete idiot and before you lose a lot of money.

Are you excited for the relaunch of MySpace?

Image via Joe Shlabotnik/Twitter
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