Grandmas Shotgunning Beers at Football Game Give Me Hope (VIDEO)

shotgunning grannyWhen you watch a video of two grandmothers shotgunning beers outside a Michigan football game, what do you think? OMG, society truly is going to hell, let me grab my handbasket? Or are you in the "Party on Grandma" camp? Because if it's the latter, let's hang out in about, hmmm, 45 years?

Shot by a tailgater in the parking lot at a recent Wolverines game, the video represents everything I want to be doing in my old age. Not drinking copious amounts of crappy booze, per se, but still getting off my butt and enjoying myself with a whole bunch of college-aged whippersnappers.


Check these rad grannies out:

It can't be happenstance that my editor passed this my way this week, just after I chatted with a friend and fellow Yankees fan about my recent trip to the stadium in the Bronx. Yes, it's a different sport, but hear me out. A guy in his late 40s, early 50s, he is as die-hard as they come, but he has yet to venture out to the stadium. When I asked him why, he told me, "Eh, I guess I'm getting old. I like watching here in my chair."


The crazy Taser-wielding fan at a Cowboys game a few weeks back may have made me more appreciative of the chance to sit at home on my comfy couch and drink a beer that didn't cost me $11, but I don't ever want to be too old to enjoy the thrill of hanging out with a huge crowd, having fun, and yeah, maybe having a beer or two. These ladies give me hope that I'll still be that feisty in 45 years!

Although I'm going to stick to sipping over shotgunning. Who knows how long that walk to the bathroom will be when I get to that age.

Don't these ladies look like they'd be a blast to hang with?


Image via YouTube

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