Want Your Own Scarlett Johansson Naked Pics? Here's How (PHOTOS)

cat On the first day, God created planking. And he saw that it was good. So he figured he might as well milk that trend for all it was worth and he went ahead and created batting, owling, and plumbking. But being the smart dude he is, he saved the best for last ... Scarlett Johanssoning! (Cue angelic voices.)

Myself personally, I got a snicker or two out of the owling phase, but otherwise I've been bored by this cultural phenomenon. Until now! Because Scarlett Johanssoning is brilliant, a 2-for-1 jab at both the inane "ing" fad and the leaked-nude-celeb-pic craze. I'm so grateful for the people all around the world who are posing Scarlett-style and sharing the resulting pics online, because, well, you can see for yourself after the jump. Believe me, as cute and funny as Kitty Johansson here is, it only gets better ...


Hmm, your lips aren't quite as pouty as Scarlett's mouth, dude, but you get points for trying. Also for that awesome, just-outta-the-shower hair.

dude johansson

A sombrero always adds a festive touch! This lady is ready for a fiesta. Oh, by the way, don't mind our little black boxes. You can find the uncensored photos on the official website, plus tons more funny shots (keep an eye out for Alf and the guy in the hospital gown).               


Just imagine the many other leaked naked celeb photos that could be used for the same purpose! Kim Kardashianing. Miley Cyrusing. Paris Hiltoning. Jessica Albaing. The list goes on ...

What do you think? Are you ready to grab a towel and go Scarlett Johanssoning?


Images via #scarlettjohanssoning

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