Metta World Peace Shows Athletes How to Lose 'DWTS'

ron artest peta murgatroyd dwts On last night's Dancing With the Stars results show, NBA player Ron Artest, aka Metta World Peace, became the first contestant to be eliminated, but it seems we won't catch him shedding any tears because of it. He actually sounds really pleased with his short-lived experience on the competition, because it helped him bolster his basketball skills!

He told US Weekly, "I do sense a difference on the basketball court ever since I started working with [partner] Peta [Murgatroyd]. I play basketball now, and my feet feel a little lighter, and my hips feel a little better, so I got nothing but happiness about this whole situation. I'm off the show, but now I like dancing!" What's more, the athlete shared that he feels great about his appearance on the show, because he was able to parlay it into raising money for cancer.

Wow, good for him! And his attitude and a newly acquired skill set aren't the only pluses that have come from his experience.


He's proving even a few weeks spent rehearsing/training can pay off in more ways than one ... especially for an athlete. I'd say what he's done definitely can't be considered a loss, especially if he can go back to work on the Lakers and feel like he's bringing more power and precision to his performance on the court. It also sounds like he just FEELS better overall since working with Peta. Can't underestimate that!

Given all of this, Ron ... I mean, Metta .... is setting a positive precedent for future athletes who strike out early on the show. Gotta love that, and while it may not bring us world peace, it will probably make for quite a few more entertaining athletes to join the DWTS fold in the future.

What do you think about Ron's elimination? Do you think he'll be a better basketball player thanks to DWTS?


Image via ABC

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