Red Sox Pitcher Served Child Support Papers by Yankees Fan

fenway parkI've got to imagine being a process server is kind of a sucky job. You spend your days in the middle of people's messy divorces and custody battles. And no one actually WANTS to see you on their doorstep. But the guy who served Red Sox pitcher Erik Bedard with his child support papers right before he was set to start Tuesday night's game against the Orioles learned it ain't all bad.

See, Tom Cabral may live and work in the great commonwealth of Massachusetts, but the guy who waltzed into Fenway Park on Tuesday to tell Bedard his baby mama wants more money happens to be a Yankees fan. Oh yeah, and he wore a shirt to show off his Bronx Bombers pride when he made the big delivery to the hurler.


Come on. This guy has to be the coolest. Process server. EVER!

Yes, I'm a Yankees fan. And that's the part of me that giggled -- hard -- when I read Tom Cabral's story. The fact that Bedard hasn't re-negotiated his child support for his daughter with ex-girlfriend Courtney Roberts since 2006 -- despite his ever-growing Major League salary -- leaves me feeling a bit icky. Icky enough that I'll totally excuse Cabral for both his timing and his irreverence for the fate of the Sox on Tuesday night should Bedard not take the news too kindly. As he told The Post, what Bedard had to do that night wasn't his business. His job was to serve the papers for Edwards, and that's what he did, as soon as possible.

The Yankees shirt was just icing on the cake, really. And doesn't the guy deserve that? He's working a sucks the joy out of life kind of job. And he is a Yankees fan living in Massachusetts, where Sox fans are like rabbits. Every time you turn around, they've made a few more wicked toddlahs demanding a look at the Green Monster. I do not envy the man. No sirree.

Tom Cabral saw his chance to stick it to the Sox AND have a good day at work for a change, and he took it. And I bet you he'll be laughing all the way to the bank when he takes his next paycheck in.

Can you really blame him?


Image via Laram77/Flickr

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