New Facebook Changes Are the Final Straw

facebookIf you haven't logged onto Facebook yet today, do yourself a favor and don't. Because you'll be infuriated. There are lots of changes to the site, and they all suck.

If you think I'm alone in feeling this way, well, quite simply, you're wrong. My current newsfeed is a barrage of complaints, there was just a 10-minute bitch-fest in my office that cut into valuable work time, and remarks on the Facebook blog have been extremely negative. As one commenter stated, "Lame. Quite frankly I don't want Facebook deciding who is most important in my life. I want my news feed to just go chronologically and if I want to hide posts from someone, I will. Stop changing. You're becoming MySpace and I left there for a reason." Me-ow!

So, what are the new Facebook changes and why do they suck so hard?


Well, first of all, the site looks extremely jumbled and confusing. There's way too much going on -- a million different boxes, a zillion different sections. It's almost certain to give you heart palpitations. And the reason for the crowdedness is because the new update splits news into "top stories" and a "news ticker" that crawls up the right side of the screen, adding updates as they come in.

So, here's why these changes suck (to me). One, I don't get why or how Facebook is choosing my top stories. Sure, Mark Zuckerberg has enough information of mine to make it seem to the government like I died three years ago, but he doesn't know me. Not like that. Of course, there are certain people I have more contact with on Facebook than others, but that doesn't mean I want them -- and just them -- in my top stories. Like that commenter said, I just want my newsfeed to go chronologically. 

Then there's the news ticker on the right. The annoying news ticker that chronicles every effing thing going on. I don't care if someone I've never met likes my friend's status. And I really don't care if my friend is writing on some random person's wall. It's too much information. And it's distracting.

So, I guess the only change I'm still waiting for Zuckerberg to make is a "dislike" button. Then again, I probably wouldn't be able to find it.

Do you like the new Facebook setup?


Image via Coletivo Mambembe/Flickr

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