Lady Gaga's 'Wacky' Behavior at Giants Game Is Par for the Course (PHOTO)

lady gaga spills champagne at giants gameIn kooky Lady Gaga news of the day, the international superstar was chillin' in the general vicinity of her hometown, New York, New York, last night, taking in a Monday Night Football game between the New York Giants and the St. Louis Rams. Seated in a luxury box, she tweeted from the game, "Happy Birthday Brandon!! Love, Gaga-loo. We love you! @ #Giantsgame watching them win like Champions. Touchdown Baby! #GoBlue" But then, things went from festive to "WTF" when the Mother Monster was snapped drizzling champagne onto the rail of the box. "Tsk, tsk"-ing reports were quick to point out that the beverage, which had been used for a toast, may have dripped "into a section reserved for handicapped and disabled fans." Wuh-oh!

Although she seems to be establishing quite the reputation for herself as a wacky spectator -- remember back when she riled everyone up by flipping the bird at a Mets game? -- I don't really think Gaga was intentionally acting out as a crazy diva here.


She's not just a born and bred New Yorker -- she's a New York sports fan! That said, she's bound to be a bit, um, shall we say, passionate about her teams? I'm sure she got sufficiently tipsy last night, was clearly celebrating (as we can deduce from her tweet), and maybe she's not all that into champagne (her drink of choice is whiskey), so she spilled it out. I'm sure she wasn't actually attempting to soak disabled and handicapped Giants fans! Geeze! 

Truly, her behavior isn't any different from that of any other riled up, tipsy fan rooting for their home team. I've heard of fans doing a LOT worse! (How about beating or shooting one another? Tasing each other? Compared to those incidents, getting all worked up about a little champagne spillage is laughable!) But because she's a star, she's expected to act all prim and proper with her hands in her lap and ankles crossed the whole time? Then she'd get crap for being a holier-than-thou aloof brat. The woman just can't win! But hopefully, while she's cheering for them and enjoying their games, her teams will!

What do you think was going on with Gaga here?


Image via Wenzelberg/NY Post/Splash News

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