Jerk Football Player Hits Innocent Intern in the Face With Ball (VIDEO)

cut on eyeMaybe it's because he hadn't scored a touchdown since college. Maybe it's because he had one too many Monster energy drinks before the game. Maybe it's because he's just a gigantor a-hole. Whatever the reason, Michael Boley of the New York Giants had no business firing the ball -- at close distance -- into the face of an intern, who was innocently standing behind the end zone.

After the game, when the linebacker was asked why he did such an asinine thing, he answered, "I got caught up in the moment."

Ohhhh. He got caught up in the moment, guys. Why didn't he just say so in the first place? Everybody can relate to that. I mean, everybody whizzes hard pointing balls at people's faces when they're "caught up in the moment."


Ryan Brown, the Giants intern who took Boley’s spike off the side of his face -- and the nearby cameraman who was hit in the head after the ball ricocheted -- are both fine, save for being humiliated on national television. Before the game ended, the video of the debacle had already started making its rounds on YouTube, Twitter, and several sports blogs. When Boley learned about the viral video after the game, he joked, "That's good. Get [him] some pub[licity]." Nice, right? He seems really sorry for what he did. What a jerk.

So, I guess all we can do is hope that Boley goes another couple of years without scoring a touchdown. For the sake of innocent interns' faces. 

Watch the video for yourself.

What a jerk, right?


Image via rileyroxx/Flickr

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