Steve O Makes Mike Tyson Star of Charlie Sheen's Roast

Mike TysonThe premiere of Two and a Half Men may have left us with more questions than answers about the fate of Charlie Sheen "replacement" Ashton Kutcher. But if you flipped over a few channels, the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen made some things pretty darn clear about aging, washed up celebrities. Mike Tyson is still a beast.

Oh, you thought we meant Sheen? Granted the two have plenty in common, but it was Tyson breaking the nose of comedian Steve-O that stole the show, or at least Sheen's last laugh at his own roast.


The irony is that Sheen had just finished insisting he was strong enough to withstand just about anything -- especially the cruel barbs of a roast -- when the credits rolled and Steve-O launched himself into Tyson. It was supposed to be funny. But when the scrawny Jackass star's schnoz met Iron Mike's fist, we found out which has-been can withstand anything. Just from bouncing off of Tyson, Steve-O is sporting a nasty black eye and a misshapen nose today.

It's incredible if you think about it. Here's a guy who hasn't had a professional fight since 2006, who drank and used copious amounts of drugs over the years. And yet he's built his body back up, at 45, with exercise and a vegan diet, to be ... well, a machine that can break a guy's nose just by stopping him.

Tyson himself admits he's not been kind to his body. Talking about Sheen before the Roast, he couldn't help but notice the similarities in their lives. “I don’t envy anything about his life; my life is pretty much parallel to his,” he said. Following the Charlie Sheen-type path has ensured boxing has no place for him. And his recent misogynistic knocks on Sarah Palin prove he's not too healthy in the head either.

But the former heavyweight champion of the world is still a guy you don't mess with. He doesn't even have to punch you to make his fist a lethal weapon. Tyson's done the same things as Sheen, but his athlete's body has ... miraculously ... survived. Too bad Sheen actually needs his mind for his craft.

Regardless of what you think of the man personally, is Tyson the specimen still pretty incredible?

Image via YouTube

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