Netflix Is in Hot Water With Shady Twitter Account

netflixMan, things just keep getting worse and worse for Netflix. First, they hike their prices up 60 percent, angering loyal subscribers everywhere. Then they create some jank spin-off company called Qwikster, which only offers DVDs by mail, further angering loyal subscribers and people who don't give a rat's about much of anything alike. And now, adding insult to injury, some joker happens to already own the Twitter handle, @Qwikster.

And let me tell you, this dude is tweeting stuff the real Qwikster does not want their customers to see.


Unless, of course, Netflix assumes their subscribers to be a bunch of Sesame Street character-loving pot heads. See, the image that accompanies the current Qwikster Twitter is one of Elmo kicking back, gangsta-style, with a smoking joint in his hand. And here's a sampling of his Tweets:

"Bored as shyt wanna blaze but at the same time I don't"; "Damn so manny cute ass gurl"; "I just got scared I went into the shower turned on the water n then stuff started falling I was lik omg wtf lol"; and "I'm about to go play soccer n I got stug by a fucken bee."

Pretty profound stuff if you ask me. I mean, who hasn't, at some point or another, thought, "I wanna blaze ... but at the same time I don't"? I wonder if Joan Didion is somehow behind this?

Hilarious jokes aside, this grammar-less yahoo is sitting on a gold mine. Well, maybe not a gold mine, but a couple thousand bucks at the very least. (He's saying he won't settle for anything less than six figures -- we'll see if that happens.) Because Netflix needs to fix this, like, now. Why? Because their company already looks like a joke without some guy tweeting about his shower water. As Alexia Tsotsis from Tech Crunch wrote, "[This is an] immediate chink in the company's rebranded armor, other than the fact that, like a multitude of other failed companies, the name ends in 'ster'..."

So, yeah, you might want to get on this whole Twitter thing, Netflix. It may not be fun giving money to some punk kid. But think of all the money you've taken from people over the years. And think of all the weed he'll be able to buy!

Do you think this is kind of sort of totally hilarious?


Image via _tar0_/Flickr

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