‘Plumbking’ Is the Most Revolting Facebook Craze Yet

plumbkingHey, everybody! Remember Internet classics such as planking, batting, owling, and leisure diving? Well, there's a new craze in town: Plumbking. And the actual act itself is even dumber than its dumb name. Wanna know what this colossal act of Internet idiocy entails? Oh, just sticking your head down a toilet and taking a photo and posting said photo on the world wide web for all to see. Yeah, joke's not on you, toilet heads. The world's totally laughing with you.


Truth be told, I really haven't come around to any of these Internet fads period. I think they're silly and foolish and strictly for the sake of getting people you don't know -- and never will know -- to laugh. It's sort of pathetic if you think about it. But this? This takes things to another level. You are sticking your heads in a smelly, dirty, nasty toilet people! Your mouth is touching where pee-pee and poo-poo go. It's revolting. And, for the record, it's a good thing your faces aren't shown in any of these photos, 'cause you can rest assured if anyone saw you, you would never be touched, let alone kissed, ever again.

If there is life on other planets -- and I'm pretty sure there is -- these Internet crazes, particularly plumbking, are the reason we haven't had contact yet. If you had the ability to reach out to a new civilization, and you saw on your giant TV screen in your spaceship that this is what said civilization was up to, would you still want to talk to them? Hell no you wouldn't. You'd put that space craft in reverse and go back to watching Romulus 3000 reruns for another 740 light years.

So, basically, what I'm trying to say here is: Thanks for ruining our chance to meet up with some awesome aliens, plumbkers. Thanks a freakin' lot.

Would you ever do plumbking? Do you believe in aliens?


Image via plankinglol.com

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