Obama's Twitter Popularity Means Justin Bieber Will Be President

President Barack Obama's Twitter account crossed a major milestone last Friday when it officially reached 10 million followers. Ten million people (well, not including the inevitable percentage of spambots) are connected with the President of the United States on a social media platform! That's amazing, especially when you consider Obama is now the third most followed account on all of Twitter.

He's number three! He's number three! He's right behind ... Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.


Yes, it's true: More people are interested in what a pop star has to say than a president. Justin Bieber has 12.7 million followers, and Lady Gaga wins all of Twitter with 13.6 million fans. Obama comes in third with his 10 million, and right below the president are Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, and Britney Spears.
If you ask me, Obama's next career move -- should he need a backup plan for that whole 2012 campaign thing he's got going on -- is pretty clear. Hello, BAROCK STAR.

Either that, or it's time for Lady Gaga to consider leveraging her considerable sway into the world of politics. When you consider that Obama's competitors don't have nearly the social media clout that he does (Sarah Palin has the biggest following with 661,000), Lady Gaga could surely round up enough little monsters to get elected to something, don't you think?

While you're at it, try this on for size: President Justin Bieber. Rallies attended by screaming fans, voters turning out in droves for the opportunity to receive their free BIEBER4EVA sticker! #YESWECAN replaced by #IBELIEB! First Lady Gomez launching a nationwide trend of Magic Marker tattoos! Oh, it could be a brand new world, friends, all thanks to Twitter.

Of course, this all depends on whether or not Twitter rankings actually mean anything at all when it comes to social/cultural influence. Does having millions of followers mean that someone's voice is worth listening to -- or just that it's really, really loud? I suppose there's no way to come up with a definitive answer to that, but as for me, I prefer to get my political news and pop star bon mots from non-Twitter sources. Ten (or 12, or 13) million people might disagree with me, though.

Are you surprised (or shocked) to hear that President Obama has fewer followers than Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber?

Images via Twitter, Twitaholic

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