David Beckham Plays Hilarious Prank on Target Shoppers (VIDEO)

david beckhamDavid Beckham working at Target!David Beckham may be a terrific soccer player, a handsome model, and a heartbreakingly adorable doting dad, but did you know that his actual strong suit lies in comedy? It's true! And I have video proof if you don't believe me!

Harper Seven's pop recently dropped by the Ellen show, and instead of giving some boring old interview, he agreed to suit up in a red Target uniform and actually work at the store incognito -- selling cologne to be exact.

With a little help from Ellen in his ear, the result is nothing short of hilarious.

(Hint: He gets numerous women to smell his thigh.)


I mean, come on. How fantastic is this? I'll admit, before I clicked on the link, I thought, "How funny can this possibly be? It's David Beckham we're talking about here, not some comedy king like Carrot Top!" But I'm pleased to report, Becks is actually a really funny guy. Sure, a lot of the humor came from the fact that he couldn't really hear what Ellen was saying -- and his adorable accent -- but DB showed that he's got a really great sense of humor underneath all of those annoying good looks. Victoria, you are one lucky lady.

It's nice to see athletes yucking it up once in a while -- in a place other than Dancing With the Stars. I feel like every time I see or hear about a professional sports player, it's always all serious or they're in trouble or something. It's good to see something different.

Becks, keep on keepin' on. You break the mold in every way!

Do you think David Beckham has a future in comedy?


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