Jerk Baseball Fan Shows Most Obnoxious Way to Catch Foul Ball (VIDEO)

texas rangers fan who caught foul ball while on cell phoneNo one can say the Texas Rangers had an especially cheerful season. Remember the guy, Shannon Stone, who fell to his death going for a foul ball? Yeah, disturbing to the max. And it's seemed like all summer long, there were baseball fans trying their damnedest to upstage that poor man, making fools of themselves as they went after foul balls. Now, there's this guy ... another Rangers fan, who did pretty much the OPPOSITE of what Stone did, and somehow managed to come off like a total schmoe.

See, Chubnik With the Sunglasses Resting on His Baseball Cap McGoo here was taking a very important phone call on his cell phone when the foul ball came flying in his direction. As luck would have it, he was wearing a baseball mitt, and managed to just put his arm up and catch it. That's not the problem. In fact, that could have been really cool. If only the guy had been at least a little bit humble about what he had done and even temporarily GOTTEN OFF HIS DAMN CELL PHONE.


But no ... he just kept on talking, holding his arm high in the air. Yes, sir, we see you caught it. And you're an obnoxious human being, the kind I'm sure who thinks everyone within a 50-foot radius should be listening to your very very very important phone call that you're taking in the middle of a ball game.

Check it out ...


Catching a foul ball should be celebrated at least a little. This guy stinks. Oh, well, at least his buddy -- or, err, some strange guy standing next to him? -- seemed to get excited, huh?

Don't you think this guy could have been a bit cooler about his catch?

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