Military Buys iPads in the Hopes They'll Help With This

ipadWhen I don't have my iPad during my daily commute to the office, I feel like I'm missing my right arm. But for members of the Marines, having an iPad around could actually be the difference between life and death.

The 3rd Aircraft Wing of the Marines recently bought 32 iPads, hoping they'll make their operations more organized and simpler.

If the men and women serving our nation are investing almost $20,000 and relying on Apple's iPad, that must must mean they're the best products of their kind on the market, right?


The answer, in my humble opinion, is yes. Honestly, I'm still amazed by everything the iPad can do. I am always finding some cool new app that I don't know how I lived without. And to think, all those possibilities in a tablet that's smaller than your average notebook!

So how will the Marines use it? Well, generally when they're on the ground and need assistance from the skies above, they radio to a pilot. In past practice, the pilot would then have to shuffle through loads of maps and papers to figure out exactly where these men and women were -- and only then were they able to take action on a target. The goal of investing in iPads is to get rid of the clutter and reduce the number of steps in between to make acting on a threat easier. Of course -- because that's what the iPad does, with everything! I love the digital age.

It's a logical step, if you ask me. When my boyfriend was stationed in Afghanistan last year with the Army, I remember how his voice filled with frustration when they didn't have the tools they really needed on the ground. In my mind a mere $20,000 is a small price to pay for the safety of our soldiers. If the iPad can help their missions progress so they can accomplish the task at hand and get the hell out of there safely, I'll pray that the powers that be will give iPads to soldiers in every branch of the service, everywhere.

Do you think the military should get iPads to help them in their missions?


Image via yto/ Flickr

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