Hope Solo Has Amazing Reaction to Rap Written About Her (VIDEO)

hope soloSince Hope Solo's Dancing With the Stars debut is just around the corner, I thought I'd give you another reason to vote for her -- whether you like the way she shakes her tail feather or not. After the jump, you'll find a nifty little video of Hope being serenaded -- via poem/rap about her -- by C.J. Sapong of the Sporting Kansas City soccer team.

The song is completely adorable -- really, it is -- but it's her reaction that's priceless. And then his reaction of her reaction. Just watch the video. You won't be disappointed. Unless you hate joy and frivolity.


Awww, right? So cute. Dude was clearly nervous and that's what made the whole thing so sweet. 'Cause, you know, sometimes these things can get creepy. Apparently, the Virgina rookie had been admiring the U.S. goalie from afar all summer long, so when he got his chance to make an impression, he decided to go balls to the wall.

I think my favorite lyric is: "If angels really do exist, then girl you are the proof. Hope Solo, Hope Solo, can you make my dream come true? There are no beaches in KC, but a hug from you will do." That line is tight, yo. Clearly Hope was into it, too. And she gave him something better than a hug -- a kiss on the check. Actually, it was more on the neck, but whatevs, point is, her lips made contact with his body. And for that, he will forever be grateful.

Isn't this cute? Are you planning on voting for Hope Solo on DWTS?


Image via YouTube

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