Death of the BlackBerry Couldn't Come Soon Enough

RIM blackberry It was only a matter of time before the RIM (Research in Motion) BlackBerry became obsolete. I think I knew this well before its obvious competition, the iPhone or even Droid phones, hit the market. I knew it when I was the not-at-all-proud owner of a BlackBerry Pearl in 2007, which was fun for about a month before it became a total pain in my butt. The trackball got dislodged and kept falling out within the first year. (Then the SAME exact thing happened to my mom, and she couldn't do anything with her phone for, like, 3 years!!!) The Internet was painfully wonky and slow. Having email on my phone for the first time was cool, but that's just a given nowadays. My "crackberry" experience made me HATE RIM and wish nothing but death upon it.

Now it seems like my wish is on the brink of coming true. Yippee!!! Yup, sorry, BlackBerry lovers. RIM is tanking, and their descent is fast and furious. But why?


According to an insider (aka my techphile buddy who changes smartphones about as frequently as his shoes) ...

Until more recently the BlackBerry email experience was still the best of them; however, now, Apple and Google have caught up. RIM did on phones what Microsoft did on their last version of Windows mobile OS. They got lazy, stopped innovating, and let the newer operating systems surpass them in functionality as well as design. Now [even] Microsoft has renewed their OS.

In other words, BlackBerries are now even worse than your crappy Dell laptop from college, filled with viruses and bugs and a 1994 version of Microsoft Word. They just plain suck.

As soon as I switched to the iPhone, I just couldn't wrap my head around BlackBerry lovers' blind devotion to the brand. You love to BBM? So what? You can text someone in real-time like an IM; it's the same thing. Or there are apps like Kik that let you communicate with people who won't give up their lame-o BlackBerries. Your work gave you one to use like an electronic leash? Tell them it's time to join the rest of us in 2011 and give you a real smartphone. You like how it looks when you put it on the table at a restaurant, and it buzzes every few seconds with a new (probably spam) email so people think you're super-important? Ugh, sad alert.

No, in all seriousness I have friends who still rock their BBs, but I'm sure they won't be THAT devastated when they're soon forced to upgrade to an iPhone, Droid, or even Windows 8 phone. I'm sure they'll soon realize they're actually much better off.

Are you a BlackBerry fan?


Image via Ian Lamont/Flickr

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