Refusing to Quit AOL Email Just Makes You Lazy

old school green screen computerThat famous sign-off sound byte, "Good-bye!", should have been the last we ever heard from AOL back in the '90s. But it seems like, along with chunky platforms and plaid, the one-time king of online service is a remnant of that era that just ... won't ... die! Worse yet, it's becoming COOL again! I know -- what the hell, right? Well, apparently having an AOL email address has become a status symbol, because some silly celebs, media gurus, and political stars, like David Axelrod, Arianna Huffington, Judd Apatow, and Tina Fey, have clung to their antiquated accounts. And therefore, there's "a certain prestige" attached to those who have held on.

Oh, dear. The fact that these crazy people won't give up their nasty AOL email addresses should not start a new trend! We're all better off embracing our Apple-happy, Gmail-using 21st century world!


You know when something is just so freaking geeky it becomes trendy? That's what must be going on here. Or so says Paul Rudd, who along with buddies and AOL email address holders Steve Carell and Apatow, must still have dial-up modems.

Rudd recently told Playboy:

I like AOL because it’s so embarrassing. People look at you as if you’re a fossil. Which you are. But I enjoy that embarrassment. I like being on the outside. Having an AOL address is like wearing Ocean Pacific shorts. It’s so uncool that it’s cool.

Ha, yeah, yeah, yeah, oookay. In some cases, what's old and lame can become cool over time, but that doesn't change the fact that AOL email has always been, and I'm sure continues to be, a DISASTER. I like spam filters that work, thankyouverymuch. And I get the feeling people like Rudd aren't clinging to their AOL email addies to make some big statement. It's just because they're too damn lazy to cross over to a better service.

I had to convince my AOL email-using, old-school technology-loving boyfriend it was time to get with the program about a year into our relationship (circa 2007). After probably 10 years of use and abuse, he had finally gotten sick of his email box being cluttered with crap. Once I introduced him to the bright, clean, organized world of Gmail, there was no turning back. Thank goodness! His old email addy was so cringe-worthy. I just don't even know if I could be with someone whose email was -- juuuuust kidding! But, seriously, I don't care what big shots still use the dated service. Those of us who moved on a long time ago are still WAY better off.

Do you think AOL email addresses could ever be "cool" again?


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