Chargers Fans Shock Waitress by Returning Her $1,000

casholaWhenever I've gone to a sporting event -- and I've been to a few -- I've found the fans to be, I don't know, rowdy. Unruly. A little ... rough around the edges. I've seen yelling, I've seen fighting, and I've seen the most unbelievable displays of public drunkenness life has to offer. So, I wouldn't exactly peg "sports fans" to be the type of people who would return $1,000 worth of lost money. Then again, I've never been to a San Diego Chargers game.

Heather Allison, a Club level server at Qualcomm Stadium, tripped and fell while she was doing her job during the preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers. And when she came tumbling down, so did all of her cash. All thousand dollars of it. Football fans seated nearby were treated to the kind of rainstorm that typically only happens in one's dreams -- a money rainstorm.

But instead of pocketing the cash in order to buy themselves another beer, they returned the money. Every last cent of it.


As Allison tells it: “All my customers began screaming over the railing to the people below: ‘That’s the server's money,’ It was all there. Chargers fans are amazing. We’re like a family.” Pshh, guess so. And the mother of four even managed to score $170 in tips that night.

So, maybe I've been going to the wrong types of events all these years -- or maybe I've been judging books by their covers. Who can say? I just know that a football game is the last place on earth I'd ever expect something like this to happen. Go Chargers?

Who's your favorite football team? Would you return lost money?


Image via stevendepolo/Flickr

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