Rugby Players Celebrate Win With Dwarf-Throwing Contest

mike tindall married to princess zaraEngland rugby captain Mike Tindall made headlines as the groom in the "second royal wedding" of the summer when he tied the knot with long-time love, Princess Zara Phillips, and became Queen Elizabeth's grandson-in-law. Now, he's all over the place again, but this time it's no thanks to some seriously questionable misbehavior. Reportedly, Tindall and his teammates had a boozy night out at a bar in New Zealand to celebrate their victory over Argentina in their opening World Cup match. Normal, right? Until ... Tindall "kissed and groped a blonde beauty while watching a dwarf-throwing contest." What the hell!?

The insanity of this incident is like something tabloid editors can only hope and pray for. Something you'd think they usually go to great lengths to make up and publish. But this is for real! What I actually find most disturbing, though, isn't that Tindall "kissed and groped" a woman who isn't his Princess wife.


No, it's not something he should be proud of, and it's kind of sad and pathetic that he's exhibiting that kind of behavior as a newlywed. But guys will be guys -- especially athletes hanging out with their teammates after a win. That kind of drunk strip club behavior isn't anything new, and sadly, other athletes like Tiger Woods have made that kind of thing seem tame compared to what they could be doing behind closed doors. What's really, truly WORSE is that he and his teammates are connected to a dwarf-throwing contest (?!?!?!), something that sounds nothing short of incredibly discriminatory and borderline illegal.

The bar attraction, in which little people wear special padded clothing or Velcro costumes and are thrown onto mattresses or Velcro-coated walls, was popular in the '80s in Florida, but has since been made illegal there and in New York. Obviously it's a-OK with the Kiwis.

The bar manager, Rich Deane, told the press:

There was no scandal by any of the English rugby players that we saw. They were great lads, not throwing the midgets, it was all light-hearted, good-humored fun.

Even if New Zealanders don't see it as a scandal that the rugby players were hanging out enjoying a sick show -- "but they didn't actually THROW the midgets!" (guh!) -- the story should rub the international community the wrong way. As athletes playing in the World Cup, they should know the whole world is watching them, and simply patronizing a bar that runs a "dwarf-throwing contest" is despicable, classless behavior. Let alone befitting of someone married into the royal family. Geeze! I hope Queen Elizabeth gives Tindall a right royal slap for this one.

Are you more disturbed by Tindall's "groping" of another woman, the fact that he was watching a "dwarf throwing contest," or both?

Image via Chris Jackson PT/Getty

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