Watch as Adorable Couple Tries to Work a Web Cam (VIDEO)

web cam 101 for seniorsWell, this'll brighten your morning right up. A couple from northwestern Oregon, Bruce and Esther Huffman, have recently become YouTube sensations because of the totally adorable, totally inadvertent video they made.

I know what you're thinking right now. Oh, great, just what I need, another YouTube video to watch. Who cares already? But I'm here to tell you: You haven't seen this video yet.

See, Bruce and Esther are 86 and 79. And the video captures the two of them trying to figure out how to work the web cam on their very first laptop -- but the camera is running the entire time.

Just watch it, will ya? You won't be disappointed. Especially when Bruce randomly breaks into his "Mrs. Doubtfire" impersonation -- or when he starts trying to get naughty with Esther.


Aw, I mean, come on, right? You had to have smiled just a little. Their complete computer ineptness? Bruce's burp? Their obvious love and admiration for one another? Presh.

Now, how did the video make its way on over to YouTube? How do you think? The couple's granddaughter! When she saw the video on their laptop, she immediately uploaded it and titled it, "Web Cam 101 for Seniors." As I write this, it has almost 1,900,000 views. Esther and Bruce are being modest about their newfound fame, though. Esther said:

I did not know anything about YouTube, but apparently, it is spreading like wildfire. We certainly didn't plan it, but there is so much bad news out there. We are glad we could put something fun out there. We like to have a good time and if it makes people laugh, that's ok.

And, so, can we expect to see another video from the Huffmans any time soon? Doubtful. According to Bruce, "We're still trying to figure out how to work it."

How cute is this couple?


Image via YouTube

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