Sarah Palin One-Night Stand Hurts NBA Star 'Lover' the Most

Glen RiceIt's been a long time since anyone paid any attention to what Glen Rice was up to. Once upon a time the Florida resident was a shining star of the NBA, a three-time All-Star with a championship ring from his time with the Lakers. Now he's just the guy who supposedly claims he had a one-night stand with Sarah Palin.

I guess it's better to have slept with a failed vice presidential candidate than being remembered as the guy who beat up a man hiding in his estranged wife's (aka Real Housewife Cristy Rice) closet. But really? This is what a potential Hall of Famer wants to add to his public profile?


Rice supposedly told Joe McGinniss, the unauthorized Palin biographer famous for renting a home next door to the former Alaska governor as he worked on his book, that they hooked up when Palin was working as a sports reporter at Alaska's KTUU and he was playing in the Great Alaska Shootout for the Michigan Wolverines.

This tidbit has been leaked early by The National Enquirer, so grain of salt, folks. But then again, it seems silly for the tabloid to put this one out if there wasn't some truth to it considering McGinniss' book The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, really is coming out later this month and it could be pretty easily fact-checked. And in a lot of ways, it's not necessarily that juicy. At the time -- 1987 -- the Tea Party darling was technically a single woman; she had yet to marry Todd Palin.

Really, the only one this could hurt is Rice, who is supposed to be on the straight and narrow since getting the charges dropped in that unfortunate closet incident. He's a legitimate businessman running G-Force Promotions, a developmental league for mixed martial artists in Florida. And now he's got to get all mixed up in the "oooh, Mrs. Abstinence totally doesn't practice what she preaches" rumor mill? You know how these things go with Sarah; she'll go rogue, claim it wasn't her fault, he tricked her just like that dang Katie Couric and the whole gotcha media. It was all those depraved liberals just pushing that sweaty sexy man with his big muscles in her direction.

Come on! If he really wants to get back in the spotlight, he doesn't have to get down like this. He can go on Dancing With the Stars, go join the Big Brother cast number 34 or 47 or whatever they're up to now (do they even still do that show?), go eat 67 watermelons while standing on his head on a basketball, all in the name of charity. SOMETHING, anything has got to be better than riding Sarah Palin's coattails back into the American spotlight, am I right?

What do you think? Who is this revelation worse for? Really?


Image via Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel

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