Derek Jeter Is Behind A-Rod & Cameron Diaz Break-Up

cameron diaz & alex rodriguezExtra, extra, read all about it! Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz have broken up! Extr ... wait, hold on, they were still together? Didn't they just break up, like, a few months ago? Guess I missed that riveting tidbit about them getting back together. Oh, well. Guess my life is no different now than it was, say, an hour ago. Anyway, here are the deets ...

According to a source, "Cameron is very busy with her career. And Alex has had injuries and wants to focus on his game. They're dedicated professionals. They're still very friendly and like each other. He has an enormous amount of respect for her."

Blah, blah, blah, yeah right. You want to know the real reason behind their break-up? Derek Jeter!


I mean, I'm just spit-balling here, but think about it -- it's classic dude behavior. Derek Jeter breaks up with Minka Kelly, starts bird-dogging the chicas, brags about it in the locker room, next thing you know, boom, Alex gets it in his head that he wants to be single, too. Thanks a lot, Jeter.

No, who can say the real reason behind the couple's break-up, but I do know it's not because they're both "dedicated professionals." That's the lamest, most B.S. answer any PR person could possibly give. And I also know that Jeter and A-Rod are going to be painting the town blue and white pinstripes now that they're both single. Can't you just see it? I mean, two of the most eligible athletes -- from the same team -- both just broke up with their ladies. Methinks there's about to be some competition both on and off the field between the two guys now.

And, for the record, I do think Derek Jeter -- inadvertently -- had something to do with Cameron and A-Rod's splitting up. Maybe his game improved after he and Minka called it quits and Alex wanted in on the action or something. Who knows? But it's too weird that they're both single Yankees now, doncha think?

Do you think Derek Jeter influenced Alex Rodriguez's break-up?


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