Ashton Kutcher Is Right to Compare Computers to Witchcraft

ashton kutcherThat Ashton Kutcher. He's almost everywhere lately, isn't he? Apparently, the star took a bit of time off from his latest gig on Two and a Half Men to talk to the bigwigs at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference going on this week in San Francisco. As a tech investor, Ashton told his fellow computer enthusiasts what he thinks about before investing in certain websites. You can imagine my surprise when I read that he said his mind is on the Pilgrims.

"What would happen if a Pilgrim would have seen a computer in action in Massachusetts back in the day? They probably would have killed that person and called them a witch because ultimately they would have seen it as magic."

Well, that's an interestingly odd way to look at it. But you know what? I think Ashton is on to something!


It may be a stretch, but I would say that computers are probably one of the most complicated pieces of technology owned by the most amount of people in the world. And I bet you most of those people had someone by their side, a friend or a family member, guiding them along the first time they powered up. Take a moment and imagine what it would be like to show someone a computer for the first time, without any prior knowledge of how to work it. Personally, I wouldn't even know how to turn on the daggone thing if I hadn't learned around the same time I learned how to walk.

It's comical really, the things we use today as second nature. The former Punk'd star is essentially saying that he wants to invest his money in websites and start-ups that are user-friendly. He told conference attendees:

We're all kind of on a witch hunt, really. I like to learn how magic tricks work.

Touché, my friend. Already supporting Flipboard for iPad and Foursquare, Kutcher understands that not everyone is exactly going to be the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. And now that websites are getting crazier and more intricate, he wants to fully understand what he's getting himself into before pulling the trigger and putting his money where his mouth is.

Sounds like he's being pretty smart to me. In fact, I'd say that Ashton could be the next Justin Timberlake to the tech world. Except maybe he's even better, because he didn't waste his money on MySpace.

Do you think Ashton is right about computers?


Image via TechCrunch

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