Sports Fans Deserve iPads on Their Shopping Carts

shopping cartSports fans, we have reached that portion of the year for which the term "football widowhood" was coined. Saturday is devoted to college games, Sunday to the NFL, and of course one can't miss the likes of Monday Night Football. So how do you fit in the necessities like, say, grocery shopping around your busy yelling at the screen schedule?

Sure, you could DVR the thing. But that isn't without its risks. Like running into John from down the street at the post office, only to have him regale you with that great play Tony Romo had in the third quarter. Or your kid deciding to free up some space in the queue for her Phineas & Ferb episodes by deleting the entire thing. But folks, we have found the answer. Are you ready for some football?


iPads on shopping carts with an app that allows you to stream all the live sports you can handle while you get your shop on.


It's also only available in Britain right now, but sure to come to our "instant gratification" loving society on this side of the pond sooner or later. The set-up includes a solar panel for charging the iPads, speakers so you can hear over that kid crying that Mom didn't buy him gum in aisle 12, and new bumpers on the cart itself so the shelves don't sustain damage when they're hit rather too hard by a cart pushed by a fan protesting a bad call.

Go ahead, say it's too much, and they're going to ruin your whole shopping experience. But that's the beauty of it really. This idea is good for the whole family. It's good for fans who don't want to miss a TD. It's good for their significant others who don't want to shoulder the burden of an entire season of doing all the weekend errands (ahem, you don't HAVE to shop, you can send them instead). And it's good for the kids who can sneak a few sweets into the cart while Mom or Dad are too busy focusing on the pigskin ... or the hoop or what have you as the seasons move on.

What do you say? Could this change sports-watching for the better?


Image via Auswandern Malaysia/Flickr

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