'Star Wars' Blu-ray Digital Revisions Ruin a Classic

star wars the complete saga blu rayFor years, Hollywood's been yakking that technology has been their new lifeblood. The clunky special effects of yesteryear pale in comparison to the movie magic they can now make with a few clicks of a mouse, and we the film-goers should be over-the-moon happy to pay $12-$15 to see their snazzy handiwork. And that's all well and good, I guess, when it comes to new movies. But how about when they take a classic and "refurbish" it with computers to the point where some scenes aren't even recognizable? Such seems to be the case with the new Star Wars Blu-ray, due out on September 27.

George Lucas, who used to be an advocate of preserving Hollywood films as they initially were for the sake of history, seems to have no problem using the new technology at his fingertips to tweak his time-honored masterpiece. His tinkering is upsetting fans -- and rightfully so!


One instance in particular that's infuriating the Star Wars-faithful is a scene in Jedi in which Darth Vader now screams, "Noooooo!!" before tossing the Emperor into the Death Star's core. Originally, he said nothing, but fans say the added audio changes the tone of the scene completely.

Sure, it's Lucas's film, and I guess that should give him artistic license to do whatever he wants whenever he wants as a filmmaker, but at the same time, doesn't he realize that leaning on 2011 technology to create CGI Yodas and "new" audio for a film that was already perfect in its original form to many is just in poor taste? It's an insult to fans and a disservice to his original work. 

What's more, who would want to see this become some kind of trend in Hollywood? To see Gone With the Wind or Casablanca tinkered with to "impress" 21st century fans? I've always thought it was cool to look back at those classics and examine the kinds of technology they DID have and how beautiful the films came out for the time they were released. Every classic should be seen that way, as a product of their era. It's like messing with a Monet or the Statue of Liberty to make it "snazzier" for our 21st century, ADD brains. Geeze, like how about how they added those flashing lights on the Eiffel Tower? What a cringe-worthy no-no!

Lucas better re-think his updates to the Star Wars series if he actually wants to sell these new Blu-rays. It's a fact that he's not going to woo fans by leaning on technology so heavily that he ends up butchering history.

What do you think about filmmakers changing movies using today's technology?


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