Amazon Is Burning Books With Netflix-Style Rentals

burning booksBooks. Bookstores. Pff, those things are for suckers, amiright? I mean, who needs an old, smelly copy of a book, where you have to do strenuous things like turn pages, when you can have a sleek iPad, a sexy Kindle, or an adorable Nook? Not this girl. In fact, when I go home tonight, I plan on ripping every g.d. book out of my IKEA bookcase and replacing them with magazines. No, wait, those are dead, too. Okay, CDs! Er, DVDs! Alright, fine, I'll get rid of the whole stupid thing altogether and find a way to make my MacBook the sole decoration in my periodical-free home.

I kid. Sort of. I really am contemplating getting rid of my bookcase, but not because I hate books, because I feel like it's crowding the room and it's giving me anxiety. Unrelated. No, the reason I just went on that anti-book rant is because that's what Amazon is doing right now. They're making it their mission to see that death and destruction happen to all hardbacks and softbacks.


Okay, so they didn't exactly say that in so many words, but listen to what they're doing: They're freaking in talks with book publishers to start renting books -- digitally, of course -- like a Netlix for reading material. It's like, why don't they just rip the Band-Aid off already and douse a bunch of libraries and book stores in gasoline and flick a cigarette into them?

They already did it to Borders. Oh, didn't you hear? This is Borders' last week in business. That's right, people, your longtime friend, Borders, is about to take a dirt nap. And want to hear something even more depressing? They've put everything on sale this past week. No, everything. We're talking couches, rugs, and anything else decorative in the store. It's, like, dang, man. That's major sad.

The truth is, we really can't do anything about it. The digital world is taking over our beloved books, and as long as we want to keep reading, we're just going to have join 'em. I don't like it either, but what are we supposed to do, guys? Become disgusting idiots? I'd rather not. I'm precariously close to being that already. 

Do you read books? No, like, actual books?


Image via LearningLark/Flickr

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