Army Dad Gives Family a 9/11 Homecoming They Will Never Forget

Army sergeant homecoming

Ordinarily I'm not a huge fan of surprises that involve me, like birthday parties or showers, plus I usually guess ahead of time, anyway. But I don't mind watching other people get surprised; in fact, I kinda love it. The one that happened yesterday at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football game was not a birthday or a shower but a homecoming, and perhaps because it happened on September 11 and involved a military man who had a personal connection to 9/11 and I was crying all day anyway, I found myself seriously tearing up over the whole thing. Here's what went down, and a local news station even captured it so you can watch and cry just like I did:


A little background to help you understand: The Buccaneers hold Military Appreciation Day every year around September 11, and they have arranged these "surprise homecomings" before. Scott Olsen, 38, enlisted in the Army because of 9/11. He has served in Iraq and was recently stationed in Afghanistan the past four months. Although he was due home around this time, he made up a story to his wife, Amy, that his trip would be delayed. The Bucs arranged for Olsen to send a message to his wife and parents over the stadium's JumboTron.

Here's what happened afterward:

Knowing that the Bucs have done this before, I was skeptical whether the wife was on to it, but seeing her reaction, she seems genuinely flabbergasted to see her hubs coming toward her. It was not only sweet, but made me think even more deeply about all the families gathered that same moment at the Ground Zero memorial who will never see their loved ones come home.

What did you think of this surprise?


Image via ABCActionNews/YouTube

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