Crazy Cowboys Fan Uses Taser During Stadium Brawl at Jets Game (VIDEO)

fan with taserWe were watching the Jets vs. Cowboys game from the comfort of our living room, but I can bet you my husband would have given his eye to be transported to MetLife Stadium for the 9/11 match-up. It's an NFL game. Who doesn't want to be THERE? In real life? Well all right, I'll raise my hand way high for that one. I wouldn't go. Not after the fan fight. Not after the taser.


The reason for the ridiculous fan brawl on Sunday night is still up in the air. Probably because who wants to admit that on this most somber of anniversaries, they could think of nothing better to do but start punching on each other in the stands. But Deadspin, which got hold of a video of the fight from a reader, revealed there was definitely someone out there zapping people. Considering the guy was wearing a Cowboys jersey rather than a uniform, he didn't seem to be a stadium employee.

That's right, folks, with the New York metropolitan area on super high alert because of the 9/11 anniversary being marked just across the bridge, it's highly probable that someone waltzed into the stadium on the opening Sunday night football game with a taser.

You hear that folks? It's not the terrorists you have to worry about. It's the other fans!

Makes me pretty happy to have watched THAT game from the comfort of my couch. I tend to prefer live sports, to be honest. There's something about the roar of the crowd and the thrill of being there that heightens the enjoyment for me. Maybe it's the whole "fan experience" concept. Maybe it's the beer. OK, scratch that. My favorite football game was in the stadium at Rutgers when my Virginia Tech Hokies were in town. I was stone cold sober, soaking wet, and loving every minute of it. 

But people acting like jerks tend to ruin the fun for everyone. It's not just at sporting events; Elton John was JUST ABOUT to come onstage a few weeks back at the Woodstock site when fans a few blankets away started going at it. Security quickly came in (no tasers in sight) and got them out of there, but of all the times to throw a punch ...

That's the stuff that makes sitting at home with my remote control and my DVR a lot more attractive. How about you? Check out the morons fans fighting and the creepy taser action:

Are you happy you watch from the couch?


Image via YouTube

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