App Tells Best Time for Bathroom Breaks During Movies

movie theater seatWe've all been there: Snuggled into a movie theater chair in overpriced stadium seating when suddenly you get the urge to tinkle. The mental debate persists: Should I get up and risk missing a critical part? I can hold it. No, no I need to pee. I can hold it. Angst ensues.

Well what if I told you there's an app for that? No, no, sorry ... it can't pee for you. But the free app CAN tell you when the best time is to go to the bathroom during your favorite movies. Meet RunPee, a.k.a. my new best friend. Appropriately named, eh? Mental debate, no more! Check out these 4 reasons that RunPee is a smartphone must-have:


1. The perfect excuse for a knee graze. Since you know you only have a few minutes to get back before the next good scene, you have the best excuse to accidentally rub against the handsome man in your row. If he looks up at you bewildered, you can just show him your phone and say "Sorry, RunPee made me do it!" Genius.

2. It makes decisions easier. Aside from telling you the best time to take a bathroom break, the app also helps compile criticisms about movies from Twitter to help you choose which one to see on your date night. Of course, you could always look at the movie reviews here on The Stir, too.

3. You're now a wealth of knowledge: I can just see my friends and I sitting around after a few beers, guessing exactly when RunPee would suggest we take a break during our favorite movies. I'm talking the classics here, you know -- Jerry McGuire or 16 Candles. Without this app, how would we know who's right?!

4. It helps you pay attention. One of my fave things about RunPee is it tells you the exact line to listen for when waiting for your perfectly-timed potty cue. You wouldn't want to miss it and leave at the wrong time! In other words, dozing off is now a movie theater activity of the past!

5. It's just awesome: I can't tell you how many times I've missed the best part of a movie. I blame it on the large diet Coke I HAVE to have every time I sit down. The fact that someone else feels my movie-watching pain and put a concept like this app into motion is just genius. RunPee takes the best parts of apps from Fandango and Showtimes, and adds in some more functionality and pizazz.

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Image via M. Pratter/ Flickr

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