NBA Star Kevin Durant Makes 'Back to the Future' Even Cooler

nikemag ad kevin durantThe brand new NikeMag Back to the Future sneakers aren't just for total geeks like me who have been wishing for light-up self-tying shoes since 1989 when Back to the Future 2 came out. They're for athletes, too! One athlete in particular, actually ... Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant got in on the NikeMag action and stars in the spot alongside SNL's Bill Hader and Doc, I mean, Christopher Lloyd.

There are about a bazillion reasons why this whole NikeMag thing is super cool, but one of them has to be Durant's involvement in the campaign.

I mean, Nike has a long, strong history of relying on famous basketball players to sell their sneaks (Air Jordans, anyone?), but when it comes to the BTTF shoes, they totally didn't need the extra star power. There are enough geeks out there like me who are all about these shoes anyway! Who needs to be wooed by an NBA star?


But, in the ad, Kevin proves he's a totally, completely charming, entertaining edition to the ad. Just seeing him, Bill, and Doc interact is priceless. OMG. Check out his spot-on delivery of the classic lines, "Wow, this is heavy!" and "They're my density ... I mean, my destiny." Ahhhh!!! Love it!

Here's the clip if you haven't seen it yet:

How 'bout the look 6'9" Kevin gives Doc when he asks, "Do these power lace?" Bhahaha. The guy has some serious comedic chops, I think. He also gets props for contributing to this viral/eBay campaign, which will raise money for The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

I guess Nike is so much smarter than we realize. By involving Kevin, they've just opened the flood gates for these NikeMags to be coveted by all basketball players. Can you imagine these lighting up NBA courts across the country? How cool would that be!!

Yeah, I'm a geek for being psyched about these sneaks. But at least I can take heart in the fact that someone as talented and accomplished as Kevin Durant probably is, too.

What do you think about Kevin's performance in the NikeMag ad?

Image via YouTube

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