Full Scholarship for 5'4" College Basketball Player Proves Being Short Rules (VIDEO)

Eric ValentinBeing short stinks. You can't reach groceries on the top shelf at the store. You can't see at concerts. And you'll never get a Division 1 college basketball scholarship. Well, usually.

But a guy named Eric Valentin is making all us shorties feel a whole lot better about our lot in life. The 5 foot 4 guard worked his butt off to get a walk on spot on the University of Wisconsin Green Bay Phoenix roster. But his summer job kept him from devoting himself to the type of workouts a Division 1 athlete has to maintain to stay in tip top shape.


So Coach Brian Wardle talked the school into giving the short kid a scholarship. A full ride. That means no more working for the United States Department of Agriculture to pay his way through school. He'll be using the money he earned over the summer to pay off his existing loans and instead focus on his last year at Green Bay -- and the team.

Eric Valentin now joins the likes of Muggsy Bogues and Earl Boykins, men who topped out at least a foot below the average for professional basketball players who nevertheless earned their spots on Division 1 teams. Bogues, who was an inch shorter than Valentin's 5' 4" was the shortest player to ever land a roster spot in the NBA. Boykins, at 5'5", was the second shortest. Both played Division 1 ball.

He's not really expecting to follow in their footsteps for much longer. Valentin jokes that he's playing "the wrong sport" all things considered. But with a Guinness World Record for the most half-court shots made in one minute, he's already made his mark on the world.

And he's showed us being short may not stink after all. Check out Wardle awarding Valentin's scholarship (warning: you may need tissues):

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