'Star Trek' Gadgets Aren't Just Sci-Fi Anymore

star trek paddAnyone brought up on the cheesy sci-fi entertainment of the 1980s has probably fantasized at one time about "futuristic" technology displayed on shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation or Jem & the Holograms or films like Back to the Future 2. When would we finally have all the exciting gadgets that writers back then said we would have by now? And you can't blame us. Those shows and movies totally got our hopes up that most likely by the 21st century, we'd be rolling in flying cars, Hoverboards, and appearance-morphing earrings! (I know Jem wasn't set in the future, but I always figured that's when I'd be able to have my own life-altering computer named Synergy.)

Well, at least we can rest assured that some of the gadgets found on Star Trek HAVE become reality!


Take the "communicators" Star Trek crew members used to speak through ... as far back as the '60s!! They looked like walkie talkies with a flip top. Hello, Motorola Razr, or my boyfriend's totally dated Samsung flip phone. (Yes, my honey's persistent pilfering of my iPhone is proof that he's looooong overdue for an upgrade ...) Interesting tidbit: Motorola must have known that their first flip phone was super-similar to Trek tech; they named their first model in 1996 the "StarTAC."

Or how about the iPad? That's not a totally novel concept either, if you're a Trekkie! On Star Trek: The Next Generation, touch-based control panels called PADDs (personal access display devices) were all the rage.

Crazy, right? It's almost as if the Steve Jobs-types of today were taking cues from Trek when they fashioned the "futuristic" devices that we now use on a daily basis. Call me a geek, but I find that pretty neat.

Still, I won't be super-impressed until I have self-tying shoes and an automatic-drying clothes ("Your jacket is now DRY.")

What are some other "futuristic" gadgets from movies and TV you want to see become reality?


Image via YouTube

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