Inspiring Paralyzed Doctor Will Hike 13 Miles in Wheelchair

wheelchairI love hearing stories about physically disabled folk doing feats of unbelievable athleticism. Not only are they uplifting as hell, they make me feel more disgusting and lazy than usual. The latest inspiring tale? It's about a paralyzed man named Glen House and his plan to climb 13 miles to a 14,110-foot summit on Saturday. How do you feel about skipping the gym this morning now?


House, 42, was paralyzed from the waist down after a skiing accident in college. But he still has enough use of his hands and arms to push the wheels of his chair -- up a gigantic steep incline like the one at Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. So he's going for it.

Truth be told, this isn't the first time House is climbing Pikes Peak. He did it several years ago in a more technologically advanced wheelchair than the one he'll be using this weekend. And said climb wasn't without its scares. He almost rolled off a cliff. Luckily, someone was there to save him. Needless to say, this go-round, there will be a support team with House. A van will trail him, carrying things like batteries for his wheelchair, and there will be a few oxygen tanks on hand, as well.

Organizers of the challenge, which benefits patients with brain injuries, were over the moon to learn House was gearing up for the hike. Some of the entrants are people who have recovered from serious brain injuries, but House is the only hiker who cannot walk.

Rhonda Rickett, special events director of the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado, said, "We're trying to knock down barriers. Folks with disabilities still can accomplish amazing things."

They certainly can, Rhonda. And they can make able-bodied folk seriously re-evaluate their current exercise routines in the process.

How awesome is Glen House?


Image via JenXer/Flickr

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